Saturday, September 22, 2007

Kayaking farewell to summer

We had one of the last meetup trips today. There might be time left in the season for another paddle but this was the one were we gathered together to paddle, then eat, drink and be merry. One of the members wanted to have a wine and cheese event and so we had a farewell to summer toast off. It was quite nice. There was a nice selection of food and a lot of great people to chat with. We ended up breaking the paddlers up into two groups, a faster group and slower group. Although I was in a slow boat, I ended up leading the faster group. I felt a little bad for the organizer as he was in a fast boat with the slow group, and it seemed like they were quite slow. He ended up getting them back then came back to get up and do some faster paddling. I think we are switching next time. Might be time to find another assistant organizer to help lead the slower group.

I am not sure if we will be able to pull people into doing winter things so we may not see them again until the spring. We are looking into some sort of homebrew beer tasting events but still have to work out logistics and location. The brainstorming has been fun though.

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