Sunday, April 22, 2007

6 Miles

I had a chance to try organizing my very own hike on the group I am a part of. I decided to pick something relatively easy with a shelter nearby. I opted for a hike that was about one and a half hours drive away and a shelter 3 miles off the trail. The 3 miles was to try to avoid kids who sometimes hike in with beer looking for a good time. The hike ended up being very nice. I had 3 other people show up for the hike and the shelter was very nice. Unfortunately the 3 mile hike in was a little harder than I remember it being. I think that when I was through the area on my thru-hike I was in much better shape. So we did fight to get up the hill but it was definitely worth it. It turned out to be just the 4 of us at the shelter and the night sky was crystal clear. The spring was slow but cold. The temperatures were a little hot during the day but it cooled off nicely in the evening.

For a first backpacking trip of the year this was a great hike. I did pick up some redness from the sun, as there were no leaves out yet so very little shade was available. Also the bugs were out and just starting to become pests so time to dig out the bug dope. I did try a natural bug dope with citronella in it and it was very nice, Badger brand. I think I am going to pick some up before the next trip out. The feet are a little tender and the muscles are tired. No soreness yet but that might kick in tomorrow. I did try to remember to stretch some so I am hoping to not become too sore. Can't wait to get out on a longer more involved hike.

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