Monday, April 30, 2007

What a lazy weekend

I didn't do much this weekend. Neither did my boyfriend. We ended up lazing around for almost all of saturday. I did manage to get back to feed the cat, clean up the fermentor, pick up the keg from work and help a co-worker with access issues. Other than that, the most productive thing I did was throwing some ribs and potatoes in the oven for supper. For some reason, my boyfriend was totally wiped out on saturday. He had no energy and ended up sleeping for most of saturday. He suspects that something disagreed with him, but I think the work week disagreed with him. I wasn't that much better. I couldn't sleep but I did sit in front of the TV and veg out, something I don't normally do since I don't have cable or a TV that is plugged in.

Sunday was a little better. We did make it out to watch a movie, Next, then we went to a little Thai place around the corner. It really wasn't that good. I don't think we will be eating there again. And after all that lazing around I still managed to get to bed late and slept poorly. The alarm went off much too early. I am still not getting used to starting work at 7:30ish especially when I work until 4:00 or later depending on when he finishes. It is nice that we work around the corner from each other.



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