Thursday, February 01, 2007

February already?

Where does the time go? I guess part of the time has disappeared into beer making but I really don't have much to do during the week and I assumed that time would start to move a little slower. It seems that it hasn't. There was writing group meeting tonight but I stayed late at work and opted to not go. Also the car was in the shop and I really didn't want to commute over as it was so cold out. I did make it one of the meetings and while the people were nice and I did know one of them, I really didn't get any work done. I think that I really need to read through what I have written so I can get a fresh interest in it again. I really want to finish the story, especially before I forget where I was going with it but also so I can say I did it. What is the point of saying I wrote a 50K word novel if I can't say I finished it. I will have to make the time and energy to go the next thursday and force myself to start reading and outlining what I already have to I can outline and finish an ending. I think I will also post the first chapter to my other blog, I will put a notice on this blog when that happens.



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