Sunday, January 28, 2007

To jalapeno or not

I remembered there was this beer recipe that I had wanted to try when I first started looking for beer recipes online several years ago. The person I was making beer with at the time was too chicken to try it and I subsequently put the recipe on the back burner, until today that is. I was going to the beer store so I thought I would pick up the few items I needed to make a Jalapeno beer. I did decide to use Thai chili peppers instead. I bought the wrong amount of dry malt and so I decided to add more grains to get the right sugar mix. In the end, my one gallon batch turned into a 1.3 gallon batch requiring me to use two gallon sized bottles instead of the one that I had prepared. Oh well, at least I had an extra bottle. I might have been able to fit all the liquid in one bottle, but the first few days of fermentation are quite vigorous and I would have blown the airlock and made a mess, so two bottles are better than one.

I decided to make a smaller batch so I can have a chance to play around with only a few 'mistakes' to drink, or foist off on unsuspecting friends. Although, they might not stay friends for long if I do that too often. This beer will also be ready sooner than the other beers I currently have brewing. So at least I get some faster satisfaction from this batch and something to hold me until the big batches are ready.

I found a really cool podcast that is also split with a video side too that is all about homebrewing either beers or meads. I listened to the first few and it is nice. I will be exploring more of them as I get time. They are called Basic Brew Radio and there is also Basic Brew Video.

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Blogger Sam said...

How long does it normally take for a batch to "brew"???

5:29 PM  
Blogger Canadian Loonie said...

It really depends but a quick batch can take about 4-6 weeks and a long batch can take more than 2 months. Also, mead can take a year before being even close to ready. Really it depends on the style and the yeast.

7:08 AM  

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