Thursday, January 25, 2007

More snow, or maybe not

Its been snowing off and on again for a good few hours but there has been no accumulation. There does not even seem to be a chance of accumulation. The weather here has been a little annoying. It is as if it can't decide to snow or not. Oh well.

I went to a writing group that was spawned off from a NoNaWriMo a couple of years ago. The 'head' of the group posted to the nano board saying they changed to thursday night, so off I went. Good thing I off loaded an updated version of my writings or I would have been left with a slightly outdated copy. I guess I would have had to read the thing and try to outline it so I would know where to go next rather then stumbling around in the dark, aimlessly. I should take the time to outline what I have and try to pickup forgotten characters. It might even help me to figure out how fast things are happening and how to bring things together. I will get to that, but later as the procrastinator in me says.

In the meantime, I didn't get much written but I did get to meet with a few other writers from NaNoWriMo and we did chat on and off over the course of two hours. I will try to go somewhat regularly. I will also have to figure out if it is better to drive there as it is rather close or commute. I commuted tonight and found out they moved my bus stop so I missed the bus. It was cold out so I started walking and picked up the next one a few stops down. It isn't that far a drive but I would worry about not being able to find parking on the street back at the apartment. It does fill up after a certain time. In some ways that has made me less dependent on the car, I really don't want to move the car if I know I can't get a parking again. Also, the car still needs work so I don't want to move it more then I have to.



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