Saturday, November 18, 2006

My poor car

My car has really not been through that much. Other than the fact that I keep moving farther from home and have to drive longer to get there, it has been holding up very well. It has also passed at least four inspections in the last two years. So, off I go to what appears to be the only insection station in DC for yet another insection. They took the car and honked the horn, checked the lights and flashers, checked the emissions, then the brakes. Everything was good up until the brakes. I failed the inspection because my right brakes were closing more then the left brakes. What this boiled down to was that when my father and I had worked on the car, okay, I watched but anyway, we had greased the caliper pins on both sides but only replaced the brakes on the driver side. NEedless to say, the inspection people did not like this. So I have to change the brakes on teh passenger side and bring the car back. Fun.

I figured while I was out getting lost in DC, I would go to IKEA. I didn't really get lost but I did end up in Virginia by accident and had to take an alternate way back to the apartment. I got to IKEA and after wandering up and down the many aisles I began to wonder if IKEA stores also come in a box with some assembly required. The store layout was very similar to the one in Boston. I found the item I wanted and checked it out. It was a kitchen island. I pushed at it and opened the drawers. It was nice. I noted where it was located in teh warehouse and off I went to find it. I picked up a cart and walked over to the pallet to discover that there were no more. It just was not my day. I walked over to the booth and waited in line to ask what my options were. Then everything turned around. They had one on a cart right behind the desk. Yay! Paid for it, got some cinnmon buns and off to the car. I put the seats down and managed to get two of the three boxes in the car. Yes three boxes. This thing is huge. I went to lift the third box only to discover two things, one it was wedged into the cart and two, it was really, really heavy. There was no way I could lift it especially if it is wedged in at an awkward angle. Luckily some kind soul came by and helped me. I ended up breaking into the boxes and carrying in each piece one at a time. It was a little difficult to assemble solo, but I did it. I also managed to put my huge dining room table back together by myself. I did have the help of two barstools. I set the table top on the bar stools and assembled in the air. I did manage to bash my thumb really good but I now have a table to eat and work off of.


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