Friday, November 10, 2006

I got paid, finally!!

I finally received a paycheck today. The fun part will be trying to figure out how to deposit the cheque at my bank whick only has two branches. I think it might be time to open another bank account. I will have to check out the local banks. I hope I will not be set back by changing banks. I might keep my old account open until I can get another credit card from the new bank. So in the meantime, I have a paycheck in my wallet and the bank funds are going down. On the up side, I am paid biweekly while the postdocs are paid monthly. Hopefully they will get that first paycheck, otherwise I think I will have to talk with the supervisor about getting them a pay advance so they can get money. They are not in good shape after having to spend out of pocket for this move. The reimbursements will lso take a while to process and they will only receive that as part of their paycheck. I am sure they will be happy when they get switched over to research instructor. More benefits and I think they will get biweekly pay.


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