Thursday, November 02, 2006

Still no apartment

This is really starting to suck. All my stuff is in storage at some place I likely have no access to. I am living in limbo and can't fill out change of address forms as the UPSP will not do a change of address to a dedicated zipcode. I have no idea if my roommate found someone as he is being a black hole right now, which is a good thing. Life could be better, but I guess it could be worse with me not having a job and having to go back to Canada and having similar problems.

On a good note, the lab is mostly unpacked with the satelite lab being stocks in boxes and the postdocs having a few boxes of their own to deal with. I am still trying to get the lab designated for work. The lady who is in charge of getting the ball rolling has not started many things that we need to have done. She is new to the job but she wrongly assumed we were not ready to start working yet. Little does she know the work drive of one of our postdocs who will not let a lab designation issue stop him from working.

I went to another open house tonight and again there was another application in pending approval. I think I have to just call ahead instead of waiting for the open house. Apparently someone else is doing just that. This will likely be the second time I have a nice apartment snatched out form under my nose. I was even the first person to the open house both times to prevent just this from happening. Although this place was not nearly as nice as the first place I missed out on, it was close to work, had 2 bedrooms, hardwood floors, yard access for kayak storage, and unfortunately coin-op but I guess I could have lived with that until I could save up for a little apartment washer/dryer. There was a sign on the lawn across the street for a 1 bedroom in the same area so maybe it is a similar setup and still available. I will call them tomorrow and find out.


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