Thursday, November 16, 2006

Lack of internet

Sorry for the lack of updates lately, I have been trying to keep writing entries but i have not always had internet. When I do have internet, I suddenly find myself wasting time is other ways and forget to update my blog. I am now sitting in my apartment surrounded my a ton of boxes and sponging of someone else's really weak wifi signal. At least it is a start. So my updates are complete. I have also set up my bed and found the linens for it. I have mostly arranged the room in a reasonable layout. The bedroom is actually quite large and I have more than enough room to fit my bed, desk, dreser, chests, a bookshelf and even my bike. By putting my desk in teh bedroom, I am hopping this leaves me a little more flexibility with how to set up the livingroom, especially with my really large diningroom table. I am thinking it is a good thing that I don't have anything in the way of furniture for a livingroom. Although I miss the really old, brown loveseat. I think this weekend is a big unpakcing weekend. I am still trying to decide if I want to keep the aquariums or sell them. I couldn't make up my mind before and I still can't make it up now. I shoudl chose either making beer or having fish but not do both.

Heat and hot water are included in the apartment. I think the management picks a day and turns on the heat. As it is hot water radiators, once it is on, they leave it on all winter. So since I have been in the apartment, the weather has been very nice. Unfortunately, it is like a sauna in the apartment. I have most of the windows open but I woke up really hot this morning. So, to duvet, or not to duvet, that is the question. I put the bed near the window which also has the radiator under it. I am hoping most of the heat escapes out the window and I sleep comfortably. It has also cooled off with the rain. What a day to move in, there was some rather torrential rainfall earlier this morning and some of it while they were unloading. I am off to bed, I am hoping to get up early tomorrow and get the car inspected at the one inspection station then get licensed and all the associated car stuff. Knowing me, I will just sleep in then dash off to work. Saturday might be a better day to get everything done but then everyone else is probably thinking that too.


Blogger Sam said...

It's been so long I was starting to worry about you. I knew you were just getting moved, but there were no updates. Now that I know your alive, I'll take a few minutes and catch up on your life. Later...

6:21 PM  

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