Saturday, October 28, 2006

No apartment yet

So I finally heard back from the realtor, I didn't get the place. He did say to get back to him after the elections and he would have more places opening up. So then I had to ask when the elections were so I would know when to call. Sometimes it sucks being an xpat. I figure what will happen is I will misplace his card and not be able ot call him. In the meantime I have asked the moving company to store my stuff for me that way everything is on one bill. Hopefully a place will come along soon.

I was looking at some of the groups and there are a few I would like to join. I am mostly waiting to find a place so I will know which ones are near where I will be living. I will definitely join the xpat Canadian meetup. I had fun in Boston with that group so I look forward to the fun with this group. I will also try out more outdoors groups to get to know the area better.


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