Monday, November 06, 2006

So many horrible apartments

I spent the weekend looking at a lot of really tiny or very shabby apartments. Most of the ads were really reaching in their descriptions. I also decided to broaded my search area. I was looking in Columbia height and Adams Morgan. Adams Morgan would be a nice place to live except the apartments are either really expensive or they are really crappy basements with almost no windows. Columbia Heights is near the wrong Metro stop so I would have to travel far by Metro to get to work and the Metro charges by distance. I also didn't really like the neighbourhood that much. Everything seemed a little rundown and neglected. I guess after seeing Georgetown and area, I am a little jaded. So I will keep looking. In the meantime I found a sublet that is good for 5 weeks and I am paying weekly so I can leave whenever. The people are very nice and the complex is huge. I will be leavig the car at my cow-orkers place until I find a palce with parking or get a parking pass. There is no parking at the sublet.


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