Sunday, November 19, 2006

My poor body

Woke up today regretting all that lifting and assembling. My hands hurt, my back hurts and my legs hurt. On a good note, my knees feel fine and I was actually squatting a few times and kneeling. Today was supposed to be more unpacking and rest. I ended up going to the auto store to get tools to replace the brakes. I also hit the grocery store then the home hardware for sandpaper. I impulse bought a Rosemary plant.

The brakes actually took a long time to do, one hour from set up to clean up, but went remarkable smoothly. I think most of that had to do with the large powerbar I got to remove the lug bolts. The calipers didn't want to open up at first. I forgot to pick up a very big screw driver to pry with so I had to be careful with my tiny one. After getting the brakes off, I realised this side should have been changed at the same time as the other side. The shoes on this side fell apart too. I finally managed to open up the calipers enough to get both new pads. Getting the pads in was not easy and I had to watch the brake line too. After that I regreased the pins and closed everything up. I gave the car a test spin and they sound a little rough but that should go away soon. One of the guys at the auto store was impressed I was doing car work. As I type this, I still have grease and grime ground into my hands. I had fun. I think I need a pair of work gloves though, my hands were so black that I had to use a little grease to clean them up a little. I will try the inspection again tomorrow and hopefully I can then get licensed and registered. I really need a parking permit.

The kitchen is mostly unpacked. I made some chili for supper while I fixed the brakes then I had to track down the box of spices. I think I have one kitchen box left and that has the shot glasses and booze in it. No idea where to put it for now so I think I will leave it. I will start working on my desk next. I do wish I could find my little tool box. I remember having it in the car but after that I don't remember where it went. I thought I had brought it into the apartment but I can't find it. It had my desk screws in it. I am sure it will turn up. The desk will not fall apart without the screws but it is annoying.

Another down point to my day, I stopped off at work on my brake spin to pick up my plants. I decided to take the lab cart to cart them down to the car. So I piled them on and got them down to the curb. Grabbed some pots and put them in the car then I heard a crashing noise. The cart took a nose dive of the curb and my basil was smashed beyond hope. My Norfolk pines were also on the cart but they survived the fall even if the pot didn't. I picked up the shards, put the pines in a plastic bag and the dirt in another bag then put the cart back in the lab. I will have to go back to the home depot to get another pot. I was going to pick one up as it had out grown the one it was in but I decided to wait. Oh well. At least it appears to be okay. I would have felt much worse if I had killed it after all that.

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