Sunday, September 17, 2006

Blogger backlog

I really need to keep up with my blog entries. I find that I start them, then I get busy and they get forgotten in draft mode until I go back a few days later to start another entry. Sometimes I end up with several drafts that are waiting for me to find the time to finish them. So today was draft finishing day. So make sure you look back a few entries to find the last one you read.

So I have finished my red sweater today. Actually I finished a few days ago while I had a bad case of insomnia. So today I am blocking the sweater so the fit will be better and all the seams will lay flat instead of curling. I noticed that the sweater tinted the water red. Hope that is all the colour loss, or at least that it does not do it to any shirts I wear.

I was actually productive today which was a bit of a surprise. I woke up with a bad case of cramping and didn't feel good at all. It eventually went away with some tylenol. But I did manage to get some laundry done, write a short story (which I almost finished in one sitting), do the dishes (read turn on the dishwasher), block the sweater, and I think I will catch a movie too. Not too shabby for a lazy Sunday afternoon. I also chatted with my brother via Skype. And while browsing on the Skype website, I noticed thay have a beta version for the Mac that will allow video calling. I might have to check that out.


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