Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Down to NYC

Went down to NYC for a conference on radiation. It was somewhat interesting but it also had rather dull points too. I guess that can be said of any conference you are not willingly going to. Some of the people who were speaking sounded like they were trying to sell their product to us. Not what I really wanted to listen too. Others really needed a microphone. I thing I also ate way too much or something on Monday as I was sick after supper. I ate breakfast then got up to the conference room where they served us pastries with tea and coffee. So of course I snacked on the free food. Then I went out for lunch while I was still a little full from snacking and ate more. Lunch didn't really agree with me but after an hour I was fine so I just dismissed it. Then I snacked again on the free food. Supper was a large event with most people going to a very nice restaurant. Good thing I packed a nice outfit and changed into it otherwise I would have felt really out of place. I had a nice filet mignon. Unfortunately I started going down hill fast at that point. I felt aweful and then they brought dessert. I really wanted to eat the molten chocolate cake but my body was saying no. I did have the ice cream that was on top hoping it would help. My boss went out for drinks after supper with some others and invited me but not only did I not know these people but I was not feeling well. I had a good excuse to stay in. I would have liked to have done something while I was in NYC but I never really had the chance or any idea of what was going on.

The hotel was nice, not sure it was worth the almost 200$ a night price tag. The curtains in the room would not close. Now this does not really seem a big deal unless you consider how close buildings are in NYC. The windows of my room lined up with the windows of another room and I was not sure if that room was from the same hotel or another building. It was slightly unnerving and in the morning the room was flooded with light, not too good for sleeping in. As I only had to go up one level to get to the conference room, I could stay in bed longer than I usually can.

Good thing I was not paying for the room. All expenses from the conference are covered under the grant. Good thing too. I would have more than maxed out my poor credit card if I had to pay for both the flight and the hotel room plus other incidentals. I need ot look into getting a higher credit limit but I just got this card so I am not sure how long I have to wait before I can get it raised. I did pay for the flight, although after I had charged it my boss offered to cover it. He did pay for the hotel room so that was one less thing to worry about.


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