Monday, July 17, 2006

National Film Board of Canada

Most Canadians know what the National Film board of Canada is. And I think all Montrealers have heard of the NFB building because when traffic backs up past that building, it is bad. Most people have seen the little cartoon film shorts on tv between shows. I remember one about the log driver's waltz. I also remember one about "The Cat Came Back". So I was pleasantly surprise to read today that the NFB has released some of the film shorts on their website for public viewing. So I surfed over to see if the logging song was their but alas, I did not see it. I did see "The Cat Came Back". I think I also remember seeing "The Sweater" once too. So it will be nice to explore a few Canadian made shorts. Now I wonder if the historical ones are also somewhere on the internet. Not sure if those are done by NFB or by some other government agency, but they where neat to watch as they had some little tidbit of history incorporated into an interesting little story that aired in a double commercial ad spot. Much better than watching an ad.


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