Sunday, June 18, 2006

Cleaning day

Today was a cleaning day. The cat somehow manages to track his litter all over the apartment. I am sure we are helping too when it sticks to our feet. So everything had to be swept. I am stick sick but it seems to be breaking up some. It is also another hot and humid day. I called home to wish dad a happy Father's day and had a hard time getting through. At first I though my brother was on the phone, but after an hour and a half I assumed my mother was talking to a friend. Turns out the phone was accidentally left on hold and was tying up the line. My brother had finally given up and sent an email.

My parents are visiting next weekend. I will be relegated to the futon for the next few days. I am sure the cat will be happy to have company during the night. He has been locked out of my bedroom for the last while due to allergies and the hot weather. He seems to have no energy either. I really need to find some time to bring him into to get shaved. I think he will be much happier with a shorter fur coat.


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