Monday, January 16, 2006

Home, cold home

Got back at midnight after singing my way through a bad mix of 80's music. Mostly it was to keep me away as my passenger bailed on me. I also hadn't listened to that list and it was a bad hodge-podge of songs. Also it is almost the only music I have that I can sing to. Nothing else really lends itself to being sung to. The roads weren't all that great in spots. I really wish I could have stayed the night and run the gauntlet the next day while it was light out, but alas I had to work bright and early this morning. All in all, I had a great time at Arisia. We did get a little snow. Arisia isn't Arisia unless it snows. So this con I finally started making friends, one of who I hope becomes a really good friend, I volunteered again for a free membership which I got, and I had a blast. I watched some anime, caught the movie "Serenity" that I had really wanted to watch, went to lots of writing panels, and went to a few of the parties. So after all that excitement, today is going to be such a let down.

My last day at con involved about 4 hours of sleep, a banana and handful of M&M's, an attempt at a nap, and many flights of stairs. The recommendation is 5 hours sleep, 2 meals and 1 shower each day of the con. Close enough. At least with all the free food, I didn't gain weight. Must have been all the stairs, I'm glad I had picked up a knee brace otherwise it could have been disasterous. My knees feel good, always a good sign. Now off to work, ugh.


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