Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Weverly 28Sep05 Day104

I finally get a shower. Yesterday I had a dog run away from me, it must have been that bad. I feel nice and clean although the hiker funk is still there. I was a little disappointed that there was no sign for the Mason-Dixon line. Apparently, this is where the real south starts.

Today was about 20 miles and I am in okay shape considering the lack of sleep and the 27 miles done yesterday. Last time I pulled a big mile day, I was unable to do more than 14 miles, and even that was a struggle. I think it was due to the very rocky terrain of PA versus the more mellow terrain of MD. I hope VA is nice.

I finally caught up to Bad Cheese, mostly because she took an unintended zero here in town. She will be hiking for a few days with her mom so she will fall behind. I am in count down mode now. I want to finish and soon. I will see what the next month brings.



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