Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Pine Knob Shelter 27Sep05 Day103

This morning was so long ago I can barely remember it. It almost feels like another day. Today I finally left Pennsylvania behind. I was hoping to have left the rocks behind but alas, Maryland has some rocks too. Mostly they are not too bad but occassionally a really nasty section will slow me down to a crawl.

I had planned on staying at Ensign Cowall Shelter which would have been about 18 miles. Unfortunately the water was not very good. It was a very small, nasty, stagnant pool. Since it was still early I was going to just go the 5 miles to the next campsite but the strail was so nice and flat and it was only 3 miles to the next shelter that I decided to press on. 27 miles today. I hurt but not nearly as much as the last time I pulled 28 miles. Tomorrow will be 20 miles into town and I will also be 3 miles from Harper's Ferry and West Virginia.

I came upon a field of cows and calves. If someone had seen me staring, they would have thought I had never seen a cow before. In a way they would have been right. While I have seen Holsteins before, I have never seen Texas Long Horns before. So I stood there and looked at them, snapped a picture then moved along. You never know what you will see on the trail.

Texas Long horns in Maryland?
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