Monday, September 05, 2005

Vernon 5Sep05 Day81

I got up this morning thinking I had 12 miles to make to catch up to everyone then whatever miles they were going to do todya. So imagine my surprise when they pull up behind me. They ended up going into Vernon, having showers and doing laundry. They were then slacking the next 22 miles. I ended up taking a lift into Vernon to drop off most of my gear then finish up the last 7 miles. I actually went past the road we were supposed to meet on and did an extra couple of miles. I was in much pain but after a rest I am doing much better. Seems my recovery time is improving. Tomorrow loots mostly flat so I hope it goes my nicely. I also hope the water situation improves. NY was in a drought state and NJ has been mostly dry to this point. If we keep the pace we will ne in Delaware Water Gap by Sept 8. That means another state down. Tonight was a late night due to a late supper, laundry and the shower. We will also be getting up early tomorrow morning in an effort to do more big miles.



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