Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Wiley Shelter 30Aug05 Day 75

Welcome to New York! Five states out of 14 done. Only 9 more states. I wasn't going to push for NY when i woke up to rain but after 8 miles in scattered rain, I was mostly wet so what was 4 more miles. Tomorrow I have about 8 miles to the road then 3 miles to hitch into Pawling. I hope I have not missed Team Foo when they leave NYC or I may never catch up to them. I could have caught them if I wasn't so lazy. But I did do some writing so I can claim I was productive. I will try to get an early start tomorrow. According to the register, HeeHaw claims it is flat then down to the road. Hopefully this is true and it stops raining. I should be able to move fast then.

I was accosted by two deerfly upon entering NY. They are hard to get rid off and kept trying to bite me in places I couldn't easily reach, especially with a pack on and poles in my hands. I got bit several times behind my shoulders by the first deerfly, I managed to successfully avoid the second one. They seem to know just were to land and they are hard to get rid of as they follow you even if you try to run. I hope I don't have any more meetings with deerfly. I am also now in tick country as evidenced by the large poster attached to the outside of the shelter. Hope I don't encounter any of those either.



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