Friday, September 02, 2005

Graymoor Friary Shelter 2Sep05 Day 78

Today was a short day. Only 12 miles. I also woke up with my rainfly covered in dew, which was raining down on me since the fly seemed to have loosened during the night. I decided not to do the 16 miles I had planned but to stop early and rest. I arrived here at 1:00 with frequent breaks. There was a cold shower and running water, so I washed some of my clothes. My socks were nasty and are probably still ingrained with dirt. At least there is a semblance of cleanliness. I decided to lay out in the sun and try to flesh out my outline some more. I did try to just write but realized I need to flesh things out more. I also finished reading "The Courious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time" by Mark Haddon. I received it at Morgan Stweart from Wookie. I was unsure about the book at first but it turned into a very good read. I have read some very good books while on the trail. I hope another one comes along.

I was here by myself for most of the afternoon. It was quite calming, although that cold shower was quite cold. Eventually another hiker pulled in then Team Foo minus Bad Cheese came in. We tried to organize a 6 person hearts game but Steiner was managing issues at home by cell. We did order some food from a nearby pizzaria. It was very good, especially since I missed staying at RPH where they had stayed last night and had ordered pizza.



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