Friday, August 26, 2005

The Hemlocks Shelter 26Aug05 Day 71

I am by myself tonight. I had to get my sleeping bag which meant I would fall behind but htere is also no one else at this shelter. Neither nobos nor sobos. I have forgotten how scary it can be being out here alone. While it CAN be scary, I am not letting it get to me. I am also getting some time alone which is nice. I got into the shelter at 4:00 and decided not to move on. I want to catch up but I was also tired so I set up and had a two hour nap. It was nice and I hope it doesn't affect my sleep tonight. I will try to get an early start tomorrow and try to push out more than they did. Turns out Team Foo (as we are now calling ourselves) only made it here last night. So if I had pushed on I would have started catching them.

Turns out I am in Bear country, or at least there have been black bear sightings and issues in this area. I opted to hang my food up in a tree tonight rather than on the mouse hangers that are in the shelter. I managed to actually hang it in between two trees and get it 8 feet in the air. I am sure it will be fine but bears are cunning when it comes to food.

A mouse just ran by on my sleeping platform. Tonight will be fun. I think I am moving up higher into the shelter too as I can hear something outside. Not that it can't get to me but I think I will feel better up in the loft.



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