Monday, August 29, 2005

Mt Algo Lean-to 29Aug05 Day73

Today was a wet day mostly from yesterdays rain. The ground was slippery and the leaves dripped on me. My rainfly was still wet this morning as were most of the things I had hung in the shelter to dry. It made for miserable walking to the point that I got off at Cornwall Bridge on CT4, got a nice deli sandwich then hitched down to Kent on CT341. I yellow-blazed about 11 mmiles to try to catch up, resupplied, hit the first shelter then stopped. I did jerry-rig an outdoor shower using my rainfly and platypus. It felt good to be clean but boy was that water cold. Assuming I get nice weather tomorrow, I should be able to get out of Connecticut and maybe make it to Pawling, NY. I have to go to the post office and deal with my wayward bounce box so either I will stay just outside of town or I will stay in town. I will also main out my old maps and if there is internet, I will try to upload more entries.

The mosquitos have been eating at me for the last two nights at the lean-tos. There are so few of them that I don't want to put DEET on but there are enough of then that they are eating me and driving me nuts. It has also been a little too warm to stay in my sleeping bag and they can bite me through the silk liner.



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