Saturday, September 03, 2005

Fingerboard Shelter 3Sep05 Day70

Today started as a good day, except for the fuel issue. I made it to town and still could not find any so I bought iso-propyl alcohol instead. I really wanted to yellow-blaze but resisted the urde. That was were the day took a turn. I slipped down a rocky slope and did an ass plant but not before bending one of my poles. Then I was hiking along and suddenly there was a burning on the side of my foot. I had decided to go sockless today and fter I ripped off my shoe I discovered a yellow-jacket wasp stinging my foot. I flicked it off and killed it but the damage was done. The day was in ruins. My foot hurt. Then I bumped into a day hiker whom I had met yesterday and he gave me a large bottle of fuel. The day was looking better. Today wasn't a babd day just long. After a late start and with 20 miles to do we rolled into the shelter after 9:00 which meant some night hiking. I am exhausted. Tomorrow the plan is for 26 miles. I may not be able to do it but I will try. At least that gets me out of NY. On a good note, today we passed our 800 mile mark.

I am still having some trouble resisting the urge to buy too much food. Knowing I had all the suppers I needed, I just had to get breakfast and lunches. I got breakfast from a hiker box and that left lunch. And somehow I have more suppers and my bag weighs a lot more. I do have lunches too but I still seen to have more suppers than necessary. The lentils I picked up from the hiker box just seem to last forever. A little goes a long way, oh well.



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