Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Morgan Stewart Shelter 31Aug05 Day 76

I finally caught up with Team Foo. I managed to thumb a ride from a jaguar. Only one of my bounce boxes made it to Pawling. I am concerned that the other one is either lost in transit or just slow. I was sitting at the train station when they got off. Hows that for timing. Bad Cheese opted to stay another day with friends so we are mostly all here. I ended the day with 16 miles. The weather was quite sketchy today. It was dreary and overcast, then scattered showersm then very windy, the sun came out briefly making it hot and humid and now we are back to scattered showers.

I forgot to get fuel while in Kent then couldn't find any in Pawling. So tonight I decided to eat a cold supper to save fuel. I will run into another town with Steiner when she picks up her main. I did get rid of a little bit of weight from my pack in the form of old maps, extra paper and my crocs. I think I have finally gotten used to the Keens as I have not had a blister in a while.

I passes the Dover oak tree today. It is supposedly 300 years old and has a girth greater than 20 feet. It was right beside the road and it was massive. I tried to take a picture but I don't think it will show the scale correctly.

I was attacked by more deerfly today. In retaliation, I managed to kill about 2 or 3 of them. They are vicious little suckers. This shelter has quite a few skeeters that a mosquito coil is not stopping. Bouie is making a fire to try to smoke them away. Hope it helps. I will have to pull out the anti-itch cream.



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