Saturday, August 27, 2005

Falls Village 27Aug05 Day 72

I am now in Connecticut. I should be here only about 2 days if even. Then on to NY. I am camped on the side of a river. I tried to bivy my hammock, as I have done before long ago, but for some reason it didn't work out. I didn't know if my air mattress is too big or my poles were set too high but it just didn't work. I am using my hammock rain fly as a roof but I don't think it will rain. It just makes me feel better.

I have not yet caught up to the rest of the people I was hiking with. I found out that lst night they camped out on a field so I think I am catching up, slowly. I don't think I will catch them before Pawling NY which is where they will catch the commuter rail into NYC. I will zero there then move slowly after that so they can catch me.

So much for going to bed early. I did 22 miles today and got to the beach by 6:00. This should have given me plenty of time to eat, clean up, set up then go to bed. If only the hammock hadn't given me such trouble. I wasted the rest of daylight trying to figure it out then gave up and set up the rainfly in the dark. Now I am writing in my journal then I am going to sleep.



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