Sunday, August 28, 2005

Pine Swamp Lean-to 28Aug05 Day 73

I found out I did more than the suspected 22 miles yeasterday. Mostly because I only did 5 miles today. I woke up to overcast skies but didn't think about it as I was breaking down camp. I had just packed away my sleeping bag and pad when it started to sprinkle. Instead of finishing the break down, I pulled the rain fly back in place and decided to wait it out.It was 7:00 and I lay there until 1:00. I had very little room to move, nothing soft to lay on and I finished reading my book so I tried napping but to no avail. The rain finally let up and everything was covered in fine beach sand. I am never camping out on a beach again. I at least put in 5-6 miles to the next lean-to. Now my rainfly is drying out and I wiped the sand off my piece of tyvek. Only problem is that there seems to be many mosquitos here as it is located next to a swamp. It has also started raining again but seems to be just a short sprinkle. I am alone here unlike when I arrived, there must have been about 20 people here. I am glad they moved on. They were very noisy and were all over the place. I had aldo just taken a tumble to my arm and hip are still hurting.

I just finished reading "The Collection" by Bentley Little. It is a collection, duh, of short stories mostly in the horror genre. I expected then to be chills down the back bone scary but mostly they were about what if something is taken too far, or what would you do if x happened. It made for good reading, but I am now without a book. This may be a good thing. I think I am reading too much and I really don't want to carry the weight.

Tomorrow, if the weather is nice, I will push to resupply in Kent, which is about 10 miles away then push to the next lean-to, another 5 miles, I think. That would put me 3 miles from NY and maybe I can have a chance of catching up to some of the group. If it is raining, I may just stay here, or only go to the next shelter.



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