Thursday, September 01, 2005

Denny Hill Rd Shelter 1Sep05 Day77

I had caught up with Team Foo but I appear to have left them in my dust. Rooster was not feeling too well yesterday and they may have stopped early if he was still feeling ill. I was going to stop at the RPH cabin and wait but decided to press on. So it looks like I am camping out on my own tonight. Tonight is cowboy camping, hope it doesn't rain. I have the rainfly up but it only just covers. I am also on a slight incline.

Today was about 17-19 miles depending on what source. The paper map given out by the state claims 17 but Wingnut claims 19. I was hping it was 17 but it actually felt like 19. It was also quite boring. The hiking terrain is mostly uninspiring, first up them down them up with no views. I hope the trail improves after NY or I may be forece to either give up due to sheer bordom or just skip this section and start a few states down. I am undecided right now. I am about halfway through NY and there are some mountains coming up so there may be room for improvement. This state has also been quite dry and buggy. We had been warned about the mosquitos in Mass but there were hardly any. Here in NY, I am being eaten everytime I stop. I hate DEET but may have to start applying it again.

I have been getting strange pains in my upper torso. They are external, sharp and prickly. Like being stung by a jellyfish. I took both shirts off today and rinsed them in case it was salt build up, but the pain was back once I started walking. It is only when I am walking.



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