Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Harper's Ferry Update

I have officially passed the halfway point. Tomorrow I will have less then 1000 miles to go. I have also crossed the Mason-Dixon line and am now, supposedly, in the real south. Home of sweet ice tea, not sweetened ice tea, and fried chicken, not the Colonel's special. Other things I will have to try, so I am told, is cheese grits.

I have been seeing a lot of deer lately. I only really see the tail end of them as they are running away. I did see a young buck today too.

Although technically I am still in Maryland, I am about 1 mile from West Virginia. After that I will have 4 states left with Virginia being the longest of all the states. In the end, I am glad to be out of Pennsylvania which is the home of the rocks. The trail was littered with rocks, all very pointy and sometimes they would move when stepped on. It was very annoying and painful to hike over as there really was no way to avoid them. Today I passed near Antietam, site of the largest mass deaths on the battle field in one day in American history. I had to ask someone about this as it really meant nothing to me. But I did pass through Washington monument park and read about the life of George Washington. Since I am walking the trail "backwards" according to everyone, the history was from his death to his birth. Made for interesting reading. Oh Well.



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