Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Upper Goose Pond Cabin 23Aug05 Day 68

it is interesting how zero days just spontaneously occur or hit critical mass. Most of us slept in this morning then we sat around enjoying pancakes then the 6 peopson hearts came out. At this point we were on te edge of a zero and away it went. I also got more rules from Trip about 6 person hearts which makes the game much more interesting. Forgot to ask him about the extra cards. We just remove all the 2's except the 2 of clubs and remove a 3 of clubs. That gives us an even breakdown of cards although we are short two points. We are addicted to playing this game.

There is a canoe here at the pond and we had a chance to take it out, so Rooster and I went for a quick tour of the pond. It was very peaceful and relaxing. No on e welse went out. The sun was in our eyes on the way back but it was still a nice time.

We had the opportunity to go into town as the caretaker was going so we got pizza and pot pies for supper. It was great. We also picked up eggs and bacon to add to breakfast. Can't wait.



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