Thursday, August 11, 2005

Super Secret Shelter 11Aug05 Day 56

I have a new blister almost right between my toes. Otherwise, the other bilsters are getting better and things seem to be going well. We are a large group tonight at a private shelter about 1 mile from the Govenor Clements shelter, which was full of Boy Scouts who should NOT have been staying in the shelter. We are six sobos and about 10 nobos, most of which rolled in rather late. They are very nice. There was a guitar , a mandolin and a penny whistle. Bouie was thrilled to get his hands on the guitar. We found out from the nobos that there are a few sobos ahead of us that are giving sobos a bad rep. We are a mush better crowd and they were happy to meet us.

Today was a 4000 footer day. Our first since the whites. Killington was really nice and we went up to the summit where we could ride the gondola down for free to the Killington resort. Since Steiner and I arrived late at 4:00 we could not partake in the water park wince the gondola stopped running at 5:00. Bouie, Rooster and HeeHaw did manage to partake in the water park. Lucky guys. Someone even gave them 20@ so essentially go tin for free.

One of the nobos' trail name is Linux which sparked off a great geek conversation. I made someone very happy when I told them I was running Gentoo. He is a developer for Gentoo. So far, these are the coolest nobos I have met. The music is still going and they passed around pop with hooch for everyone to enjoy. We got ice cream from the owners of the private shelter and passed that around for everyone to enjoy.



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