Monday, June 27, 2005

Logan Brook Lean-To 27 Jun 05 Day 11 Monday

Today was a hard day as there was a lot more uphill to do. I did get to my destination but I was really having a hard time. I will do some pack adjusting tomorrow and hopefully that will help. I am not looking forward to tomorrow as there are four peaks to summit before the lean-to. I will be carrying less water to help with weight so I hope I can get more while on the trail.

I saw 2 snakes today. Just garden variety, non-poisonous garter snakes but the second one really startled me. There ws also a lot of moose scat all along the trail today.

We all made it to this shelter from Cooper Brook. Even Darryl caught up so I got to see him again. Looks like no entertainment is happening tonight. It is nice, cool, and windy up here. It is keeping most of the bugs at bay. I am staying in the shelter mostly out of laziness but the shelter company has been very nice. The hard part is that we talk later so I get less sleep. I still have problems sleeping and I am up at the crack of dawn. I was on the trail at 6:45 this morning and walked 11.7 miles. It took about 9 hours. I stopped at East Branch and took a long 1 hour break and actually laid down and took a nap. It was quite energizing but I still had problems walking up that hill.

Someone out here has a sick sense of humour as some of the outhouses have names. Last night's privy was called the Full Moon. I should have taken a pic but I didn't think of it. If I see another one I think I will.

I had a few sore spots on my feet that I am covering with moleskin. I also am getting a tan line that stops mid-calf, right where my gaters stop. I may have to hike without them a few times to get a somewhat even tan. They do keep the mud off the legs, though. It has been quite muddy on the trail. Some sections have boards to walk along that are above the swamp. Other areas are quagmires of mud and either you rock hop and hope that is a rock or you attempt to go around which damages the trail. My boots are quite muddy but I have been lucky that they mostly dry out overnight. It gets quite hot during the day as the trees block what little breeze there is and my feet sweat and my face really sweats. Should be cooler up here in the mountains.



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