Saturday, June 18, 2005

18 Jun 05 Day 2

I am still really sore and tired from yesterday's climb. Today is supposed to be mostly flat. Turns out it was. I did see a moose on my way out of the camping area.

The ranger had mentioned a bridge was out. Was it ever. There were trees all across the way but few of them were very stable and most of them were quite slippery. It was a very harrowing crossing. But I made it.

After that it was mostly smooth sailing. The trail was a little vaguely marked at times. Several times I had to pull the map out.

I have come to the immediate conclusion that I am over packed. I should have stopped at the post office in Millinocket and set up a bounce box immediately before starting. Not now when I am entering the 100 mile wilderness. Next stop is Monson, 100 miles away. I am really sore and tired right now. I am not sure how far I can keep dragging all this extra weight. I am also wanting to leave it in the woods.



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