Saturday, June 25, 2005

Sand Beach, 12m from Antlers Tentsite 25 June 05 Day 9 Saturday

Today was extremely hot, humid, and buggy. I was up early in the morning so I hit the trail at 6:30am. I was off to a good start but my feet and shoulders are still tender. Authough I hadn't wanted to, I did go to White House. I bought a big net to keep bugs away from my face, and more bug repellant. This was 2 miles and about 2 hours out of my way. I ate an early lunch then hit the trail.

I stopped for a long rest at Potaywadjo (sp?) Spring lean to. I saw the largest spider I had ever seen. I also chatted with a trail maintenance crew. I wanted to push on but my body said no. They talked about a swimming place just up the way so after a long break I tried for it. I am no in my hammock near a great swimming area. Shortly after I set up the hammock, the humidity broke in the form of thunderstorms. Oh well. Maybe I can have a morning swim. I did try to wash up a bit with a soapy face cloth. It was okay except for the bugs. Good thing I wasn't totally bare or I could have had some interesting bites. I think I will try for Cooper tomorrow.



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