Monday, June 20, 2005

20 Jun 05 Day 4 Monday

So I woke up this morning not sure if I would stay at the Rainbow Streams lean to or attempt to press on. I decided that I would press on but I would hook up with the road and either hitch to the next area or walk it. I was hoping to make for White House where I was hoping to drop weight and rest up for an extra day. The road was long, winding, hard, and it was hot out. I ended up getting a ride back to Millinocket where I was prepared to call for a lift out. Instread, I now find myself at the "AT Lodge" recuperating from about 4 blisters. I will also take the opportunity to pare down my pack and set up a bounce box.

There are two other people here at the hostel also recovering from foot related problems. One girl sprained her ankle and the guy had infected, open blisters. Another thru-hiker is here and will be starting tomorrow. His pack weights 70 lbs. I told him he has to lose weight but I am not sure he will do it or not. He seems confident to carry it but then so did I. I hope he is better off than I was. He did opt for less canned food.

The people who run the hostel are very nice and helpful. I will stay a few days, re-gear, then try again. Hopefully with less weight on my back my feet will be happier. I am not sure I will be able to get back to where I left the trail. It will cost $65 to get a lift to that point but only 1/3 to get a lift to either before that point or 20 some miles after that point. So I need to decide whether I see some sights over again or miss out on some sites and not have hiked the entire trail.

I have had a shower and except for big foot pain and minor muscle pain I feel good. Also talking to other people who are laid up but excited to go back to the trail makes me want to keep going. I don't really want to quit and this is a breath of fresh air that is giving me the uplift I need. Tomorrow is mostly R&R, some laundry and possibly a pair of sandals to hobble around in here and at camp. I should hever have left the Gators behind.



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