Sunday, June 26, 2005

Cooper Brook Lean-To 26 Jun 05 Day 10 Sunday

I woke up at 4am (assuming I slept). The hammock wasn't nearly so comfortable tonight. I broke camp, ate and was on the trail by 6:30. Although I was at a nice beach, I didn't get any swimming in. So I decided to plough through as fast as I could to Cooper where there was supposed to be good swimming. I had just missed swimming with the trail maintainers, they were on their way out. It might have been embarassing, swimming in my skivvies with other people around.

I arrived here at ~1:30pm and did some laundry. I also swished my gaters around a little in the water to get some of the dirt and mud off. They are hot to wear but better the mud on them and not my legs. I am not sure if everything will dry, but I have a line strung up that gets some sun. Today the weather is partial coudy and feels less hot and humid but because there is no wind on the trail I was getting very hot. I also appear to have lost my pen. I am borrowing the lean-to pen and will take the pencil.

I finally finished off the hummus I bought to eat for lunches. I was having hummus and cheese wraps. Seems hummus is good for about 3 days without refrigeration. After I ate it all, I noticed it had expired Arpil 13, actually that was the "best if used by" date. Kind of gross if you think about it. Glad I noticed after although I wish I had checked in the store. I guess small towns in Maine don't have a large hummus turnover. Good thing nothing else really expires.

I have been applying liberal amounts of deet to all exposed skin areas but some how those suckers (ha ha) seem to know where I missed or where it is sweating off faster. I am very itchy all over. They even bite through my shirt sometimes, so I spray the shoulders too. They drive me nuts by swarming around me every time I stop moving. Good thing for the head net.

Today was almost 10 miles. Tomorrow I want to try for Logan Lean-To which is 11.7 miles. I will have to start early and take a break at East Branch lean-to to rest. I will have some elevation gain but I have to start making at least 10 miles per day in order to get out before food runs out.

Itinerary to Monson:
26 Jun Cooper Lean-To
27 Jun Logan Brook 11.7
28 Jun Carl A. Newhall 7.2
29 Jun Chairback Gap 9.9
30 Jun Long Pond Stream 10.9
1 Jul Ledman Brook 12.1
2 Jul Monson 7.5

I found my pen so I returned the pencil. Looks like a full house tonight. We have 3 in the lean-to and 4 camping. Most of them are likely heading to Logan so I will see them again.

Looks like the skeeters are back in full force. Most likely it is because I washed most of the deet off in the water earlier.

Hope it doesn't rain tonight as I still have clothes drying. Going to bed early as I know I will be up at the crack of dawn.

Looks like an impromptu band or entertainment thing is going to happen tomorrow at Logan so I will have to make it there.



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