Wednesday, June 22, 2005

22 Jun 05 Day 6 Wednesday

Today my feet were much better. Blisters are mostly gone and most of the sensitivity and pain is gone. But my knee now hurts. It is a muscle pain and after stretching and using it it is fine. So I spent most of the afternoon trying to stretch it. But I did notice if I sat still without moving it it hurt a lot again.

Tomorrow I will stock up on food, mail things out and try to upload pictures. I will hit the trail Friday. Natalie, the girl who sprained her ankle, finally pushed off today to Monson. She hits the trail tomorrow. I think her trail name is Rogue Rooster. Darren, aka Stove Passor, his feet are looking better and he thinks he will move out Friday also. We may share a ride, as we are going to the same area with slightly different drop offs.

I put all my gear in my pack and it is much better. It was only my base gear so food and water will add but I will try to be careful.



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