Thursday, June 23, 2005

Millinocket 23 Jun 05 Day 7 Thursday

Today I bought real food to replace the dehydrated crap I had. Since I am starting back at Abol Bridge, I got 8 days worth of of food to get me through the 100-mile wilderness. The first 2 days I will be repeating an area I had previously done. This time I will try to rest more often. I thought I had managed to lose pack weight, but when I put my gear in it felt the same as before. Turns out my base weight is about 28lbs. and food plus water brings it up to almost 50lbs. I think that the small amount of weight I lost was a drop in the bucket. I hope that once I clear the 100-mile wilderness I will not have to carry so much food weight. Although I was psyched to get going, now I am a very worried and a little down. I will have to be diligent in taking breaks and removing my pack. I leave tomorrow at 7:15. I will get a mosquito net for my head then move out. Derek, AKA "Stone Passer," will be 3 days ahead of me. His heels are healing but are still raw. He will be moving slow but steadily. I hope to catch up to him as I liked the company. Hope I catch up to Natalie, also.



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