Friday, June 24, 2005

Tumble Down Stream? 24 Jun 05 Day 8 Friday

Today I was sad that I would have to start over at Abol Bidge, but after talking to the cabbie the news was better. Turns out that I was only just down the road from Derek so we shared the car ride over. I was dropped off right where I left the trail. So today I did about 8 miles and tried to rest more often, with pack removal too. My feet and muscles are tired but not too bad. I will need to be careful to not do the same thing as before.

I am in the hammock tonight near a very talkative brook. Hope I can sleep. I miss being at the hostel. Maybe it was the company or maybe it was the bed and shower.

It was hot today and it is suppsed to be hotter tomorrow (mid 90's). It was hot hiking and I am still too hot to even think about getting into a sleeping bag. I hope the bugs go away soon.

Tomorrow I will try for Antlers Campsite but depending on when I arrive and how I feel I may press on. I had 4 zero days and Derek is 2 days ahead of me. I want to make up time.



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