Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Last day

Today is my last day at home. It feels like there are a million and one things that still need to be done but there is no time for that anymore. I dropped off the cats with a friend today. One of her cats was not impressed and another was hissing a bit but otherwise curious. Scotty just walked around and seemed to make himself right at home, but PerC was running around, trying to smell everything all at once. He didn't seemed to impressed. Neither of them were impressed to be shoved into the cat carier together. I normally just put them on a leash and harness then buckle them in, but we were taking my parent's car and they have leather seats. I hope they will be okay. I miss them already.

We will be leaving early tomorrow morning so as to arrive at a reasonable time. I will be dropped off just outside the park and will walk in to the camp site. This will also be the last regular post I do. Most posts after this will be by a friend who will be kindly updating the site from my letters. If I encounter an internet connection then I will post but that will not be too often. I will try to take lots of pics and upload them when I get a chance, if I can offload them from the camera. This is a big step and I am nervous but otherwise really looking forward to the adventure.


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