Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Carl Newhall Lean-To 28 Jun 05 Day 12 Tuesday

All that worrying about the four peaks and they were really not as bad as the topos made it look. The views from white cap should have been great but it was a very hazy day. The other peaks were wooded so no views at all.

Since today was only 7.2 miles and I actually made decent time, I did some laundry. It is drying pretty fast in the sun right now. Last time I did a wash, it seemed to take forever to dry. The shirts dry faster than the socks but I still had a cold wet start.

The privy here at the lean-to is one of the worst ones I have seen so far. The last section had great lean-tos with great privies.

The bugs are not so bad as I am higher up and there is a nice breeze going. I have mostly been staying in the shelters and have had great company with great conversations. Two people from the group decided to put in more miles today so they can better enjoy Gulf Hagas. After today I have three suppers left. I think I only have three days out here. I should be able to walk out to Monson on the fourth day.

I have so many bug bites that I don't have an itch-free spot. I ended up sending my itch relief cream out when I was in Millinocket due to weight. I am regretting that now.

There are a couple of nobo's here so we are all chatting. First we talked about up coming trouble spots but now the conversation is more relaxed.

The weather looks a little iffy right now. There are some dark clouds moving in and it isn't even getting dark yet. Sun isn't due to set for at least 2 hours. I will bring the laundry into the shelter just in case. I would rather wear damp than soaked or melly.

My water bag has a very small leak in it. Right now I just use it to hold unfiltered water but I have to be careful where I had the bag. I will try to get a replacement bag as I find it very useful. I do have to go through my gear again and get rid of stuff I am not using.



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