Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Reservation sent

9 days and I'm sick. This is just great. Training is on hold. I have a sore throat from hell, but otherwise no other symptoms. Not even swollen tonsils. I get this from time to time but boy does it hurt. Sneezing and coughing are out of the question.

Re-posted the apartment again this morning. Lots of new interest but still not sure anyone will take it. I am really worried about this. I have to save every penny I can and rent will kill that. I will have to wait until people visit, of which there are several who seem interested in seeing the place. Even though I stated a beginning of June move in date, people still want the beginning of July. I really can't pay for one more month, so I hope someone can take it. I did manage to sell a kayak paddle and sent off my reservation to Baxter State Park. I am crossing my fingers. They will determine when I am starting. I hope they have a place for me.

I managed to get a small amount of packing done and realized I have nowhere near the right number of boxes for moving. I packed all my old books in one box and still have textbooks, and reading books. Movies and xbox games made it into one box but that still leaves cd's. The highlight of yesterday was making mini-banana loaves. I love banana cake and this was also a way to try out my new loaf pan. I really shouldn't have bought it as it will sit in a box for months gathering dust and cat hair. Not that the drawer I keep it in is any better. I did wipe it off before using it at least.


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