Monday, May 02, 2005

Training: day 1

11 days until my last day at work and 12 days before I move.

I made it to the gym yesterday so I could start training for Katahdin. Either I have a great heart, or something is wrong with the heart rate monitor on the eliptical walker. I only made it to 140beats/minute once. The rest of the time I was stuck at about 70. I figure that since I was huffing and puffing I am not in shape, so the machine was out of it. I am pleasantly sore today. I will try to get to the gym again today to do more cardio. In fact, based on how much of a hard time I was having, I think I must go to the gym. I saw a topo map of Katahdin and it will be a brutal round trip.

We haven't had internet at home for quite awhile. Ever since the downstairs neighbour moved out several months ago. Even though we have about 5 open wifi networks in the area, we have no access. Wifi card on the laptop broke awhile ago and the internal pcmcia card was malfunctioning. My boyfriend has finally gotten around to fixing it and I am moving out. Nice of him to wait so long even though I have been complaining about no internet for months now. Guess all I had to do was give up. So, no posts over the weekend. No time, no internet, no privacy to type.


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