Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Day 34: NYC 17A Greenwood

10 mi

Today was very hot and quite humid. Much of the trail was a broken ridge with lots of exposure. We passed into NY finishing off another state. I wasn't feeling too good this morning, a touch of nausea. I ended up vomiting at the border. Mostly water since I hadn't eaten much. Dehydration was suspected. Maybe I didn't drink enough yesterday and last night. We pushed on and I tried to drink more but the thought of eating was not a pleasant thought. We ran out of water about 1.5 mi from the road where we knew we could get more so we pushed on. At the road was some awesome trail magic. Ichabod who was just ahead of us was there with his parents and coolers of drinks, fruit and burgers/hot dogs/ I drank some cold water but sadly I was sick again. This time beans from yesterday's lunch made an appearance. we decided to go into town so I could recover and rehydrate.

The book we have been using as a guide was quite off today. From the power line to the road felt much longer than 0.4 mi and we never passed a marsh let alone an overflow to a marsh. NY is extremely dry (today's section at least).



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