Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Day 27: Delaware Water Gap

6.4 mi

A relatively short day mileage-wise but the rocks are bidding a final adieu. We stopped at the overlook for Mt. Minsi and enjoyed the view of the Delaware River plus we could see NJ. So close yet still a day away. We descended down into the rhododendron thickets before popping out in town.

Rather than hit the shower first, we ran over to the post office for our mail (yay it arrived) then walked down the hill for food at the bakery, supplies and of course *cold* drinks and ice cream.

After enjoying our showers, I tried to sink wash a few clothes. Some success but I hope they dry out by tomorrow. Afterwards, we read, relaxed and tried to stay off our feet.

A section hiker going sobo was at the church hostel and a few of us sat down to chat with her about towns worth stopping at and how the water was running. Sounds like NJ will be okay bit NY seems to be shaping up for another dry year. Apparently there are some water caches already being set up by some roads. I heard that NY is the driest state no matter the weather. Too bad.



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