Friday, September 17, 2010

Day 30: Rutherford Shelter

15.3 mi

We have been trying to alternate longer mile days with shorter mile days. Today was a longer mile day and the weather was pretty good. Cool with an almost constant breeze. We had initially thought to stop one shelter earlier rather than hike the 2.8 mi. But the other shelter was dry, this one had a slow spring and was a ways down but at least there was water.

After yesterday's views along the Kittatiny Ridge, today was somewhat lackluster. We had a couple of views but not much of note.

I seem to have great timing in my choice of breaks. We stopped about 5 minutes short of the fire tower. Which although was windy did have views and a picnic table. At least there were blueberries where we stopped.

It seems we are slowly developing our trail legs. In a burst of energy, we did 2.4 mi in just under an hour. Of course the last 2.8 mi took much more than an hour. As we were dragging at the end, we may have pushed a little hard today. On a NJ side note, some idiot honked at us and flipped us the bird as we were waiting for a break in traffic to cross a busy road, what an idiot. It was a car full of young punks.



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