Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Day 28: Rattlesnake Spring

A bit of a late start but most town stays seem to start that way. I opted to dump my oatmeal in favor of Cheerios. I have been finding it hard to eat a hot meal for breakfast when it is already hot when we wake up. So I find I just carry it until I absolutely have to eat it, or find something else to eat.

It was nice to leave PA and progress to another state. We are now in NJ. The trail leading up to Sunfish Pond was nicely graded so we made good time. We stopped at the pond for an early lunch. I snacked on some blueberries growing near the pond. The blueberries were very good. So good that I had trouble leaving them along to eat my lunch. They are definitely in season right now. The bushes have been dripping with them. The blackberries are also coming into season but the few I have eaten just seemed to be lacking in taste.

We are sadly camped out at a popular spot located near the road. The site across from us is filled with screaming hordes of children (or at least it seems that way). We hope they quiet up my bedtime or we will not be happy. Guess we could make a loud ruckus in the morning when we leave.



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