Monday, September 20, 2010

Day 33: Wawayanda Shelter

5 mi

A short day but needed so we can heal up a bit. We have been a bit ahead of schedule so this also fits our timeline. We left Vernon early hoping to catch a lift out but no luck. We started walking when the cop pulled up to the light. Luckily he went the other way, turns out he was really nice. He came back and picked us up, saving us the 2.4 mi walk back to the trail.

I'm still pretty slow going up hills and the blister on the ball of my foot sucks. I tend to spend a lot of time looking at foot placement so I don't step on anything that could twist my foot or hurt my blister. So imagine my surprise when I scared a bear and cub. Cub went up a tree and mom stepped back then stopped. I thought for sure she would charge but she didn't. I snapped a pic while backing up. The cub rejoined mom who kept eating. We walked passed slowly then kept hiking.

We saw the strangest trail magic, a water cache at a road. We had just passed a stream, then passed another pond. Very strange.



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